Posted by: Allyn | June 9, 2008

A Chef Goes to Market


This week’s farmers market was rather slow. People browsed while enduring the heat, some asked questions, some even purchased, but mostly it was uneventful. Our little market was upstaged by Elvis.

The Elvis Presley Festival had people’s attention, but really the road blocks probably had more to do with the reduced traffic. I’m thinking people did not want to bother winding their way around the traffic cones.

Plus, I was upstaged by another local celebrity. Chef David Leathers prepared dishes from various items at the farmers market, and though I did not get to go watch him in action, I saw many people walking around enjoying samples from his station. I did speak to him briefly before he got started, and he advised that people should skip out on culinary school unless it’s affordable. I don’t consider $45,000 affordable, but I also wasn’t really considering culinary school. (I have a great job.)

My dad asked if I gave Chef Leathers one of my market goodies. I honestly didn’t think about it, but I probably should have. He’s doing great things in regards to healthful eating by educating children about food and working with school cafeterias.

Maybe another time…

This week’s market menu taught me something: people like my whole wheat ciabatta. I use the King Arthur Whole Grains recipe, which is about 50%, but I’m hoping to wean my customers to a higher percentage now that I have Peter Reinhardt’s new book.

On my table: Baklava, Whole Grain Orange Sticky Buns, Rosemary Focaccia and Elvis Pie.

I’ll post about the Elvis pie later as I’ve had a request to make another after I sold out.


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