Posted by: Allyn | June 10, 2008

Grilled Veggie Pizza

Before closing the lid

Tonight’s dinner actually began last night. I’ve been craving pizza for several days now, and I knew tonight’s 25 miles on the bike would earn me an extra slice. I tried Peter Reinhardt’s recipe for the first time. It is 100% whole wheat and up until now I had used about 70% with bread flour making up the rest (From a Cook’s Illustrated recipe). I did not follow the recipe exactly because I was out of yeast. So I pulled out my starter from the fridge last night to make my biga.

This afternoon I simply finished the dough and rolled it out on parchment. Normally I use the stretch method, but this dough was really sticky and I was hesitant to add any more flour (didn’t want a dense pizza crust). I covered the dough and got to chopping the vegetables.

Midway through chopping, my mom asked to participate in an art project she’s planning for some school kids. Of course, I obliged. Little did I know that 15 minutes later I would be covered in clear packing tape. I think she enjoyed that a little too much. It looks like I\'m doing \"the robot,\" but I couldn\'t move at the time.

About an hour later I fired up the grill as hot as it would go and gave it a few minutes to warm up. The dough (and parchment) was placed on the hot grill, the lid was closed, and about 2 minutes later I had crispy bottoms. Yum! Then I ditched the parchment (which is burned to a crisp at this point) and took the crusts back into the kitchen to top. They hit the grill for another 1-2 minutes to get the cheese melted. And it was just in time because I had thirty minutes before the bike ride.

I was back home at 7:30 and was far too hot to eat. I dove into the pool, swam a couple laps, then changed clothes to walk the dog. I’d been promising him all day… it’s just too darn hot unless we walk early or late. By 8:30 I ate one small slice cold as the other two got nuked.

Verdict: The previous crust is just sooooo tender and crisp and bubbly. This was very good for 100%, much better than my previous attempts. I think if I had been a little more patient and done things a bit more precise, I would have liked it more. Not that I didn’t like it. Pizza always hits the spot!

Hmmm… what should I make for dinner tomorrow? Alas, the challenge never ends.   : )


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