Posted by: Allyn | June 13, 2008

Elvis Pie

Elvis Pie

I wish this pie had listened… maybe then it would have turned out properly.

So last night I whipped together 2 more Elvis pies because I ran out at the farmers market and I was asked to make another for our house cleaner. The second one was for the family to enjoy. Only the lady didn’t come today (she only comes on Thursdays) so I dove in to our pie for breakfast and while it tasted wonderful… the custard was the consistency of saliva, or slime, or buggers. Just imagine pulling out your slice and the custard stickily tries to cling to itself.

So, what caused this? I’m pretty sure I cooked the eggs thoroughly, but I didn’t use the thermometer to check. I also used xanthum gum to thicken, which I have not used before. Does it behave this way?? The good news is I didn’t use the same ingredients for the market pies, and I didn’t have to give today’s pie to our cleaner. I gave it to my boyfriend! He loves banana pudding (as any good southern boy should) and this pie tastes just like banana pudding with peanut butter (not nilla) wafers. : )

So the pie just consists of an oat crust, homemade peanut butter, bananas, and low fat vanilla custard. For the market pies I sliced up some bananas in pretty long slices and lay them in a circle pattern around the edge of the pie (think flower petals). Then I sprinkled on some sugar and pulled out the blow torch… oh yes, I’m a badass. Blow torch and immersion blender give me such a feeling of false confidence.

I’ve begun prepping for Saturday’s market sale. Baklava is made and preferments are ready. I’m making macarons next. I actually had a cute sign made today and bought some baskets for my table. I can’t wait for everyone to see my new set up on Saturday!


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