Posted by: Allyn | June 29, 2008

Brain Farts, Farmer Market 6/28

I couldn’t take a picture until the crowd died down… and there was not much left by then.

I tried to do more for the farmers market this week, but some things were sacraficed along the way… like sleep… and macarons.


Baklava, Orange Sticky Buns, Lemon-Blueberry Scones, Mini Banoffee pies, Focaccia, Ciabatta, and Lemon Tiramisu cake


Thursday 9:00 PM – Friday 7:00 AM – baklava, macarons, cake layers, pie crusts, dulce de leche, dough starters
Friday 12:00 – Saturday 5:00 AM – Bake breads, decorate cake and pies, Sticky buns, scones

So what happened to the macarons, you ask? They’re in the schedule, but not on the menu. Well, I thought I could try to make them a little less sweet by reducing the confectioners sugar. Turns out that 1:1:2 ratio of almonds, eggs, sugar, respectively, is crucial. The little cookies had no feet and the shells were very weak.

So sad…

But my banoffee pies were so cute! Anything miniature is cute, I suppose. Here they are in stages:

1. Organic Whole Grain Graham Cracker and Pecan crust topped with Dulce de Leche made with Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk

2.Topped with bananas

3. And topped with a triple cream concoction of low-fat sour cream, less fat cream cheese, and whipping cream just barely sweetened with brown sugar. Bittersweet chocolate sprinkled on top.

I had several brain farts in the wee hours probably due to the lack of sleep. At one point I could not find my 3rd loaf of focaccia anywhere. I had prepared my first batch of 4 loaves and one loaf was ruined because the pan I used gave it a gilt-edged finish. I certainly don’t intend to poison any customers, so I gave it to my parents who cut off the edges and ate the middle.

I prepped loaves for a second batch of focaccia and preheated the oven. This was about 3 AM and decided I’d do a little leg workout while I waited on the oven to preheat. I can’t stop moving at this hour or I will immediately pass out. When the oven dinged from the kitchen that it was hot and bothered I paused my dvd and ran to the kitchen to slide in the doughs. I opened the oven door and saw my 3rd focaccia loaf sitting on the baking stone in my now 500 degree oven. Shoot! Brain fart! I saw the loaf had gotten a little condensation on it from the other warm loaves resting near it on the rack so I had put it in the oven to crisp up again. Guess the parents and I get yet another loaf…

We also got to sample the little triangles from the baklava. Here I am trying to remember why there are holes in my baklava. Very posed, but it was late… It looks like I was reading Bass Master magazine! And what if I was?!?!

I’ll post the cake tomorrow. I had an order to make it for a Tuesday luncheon. So, yes, the parents also got the cake even though it received lots of oohs and ahhs at the market. Mom and Dad came home from the dance later that night with one little slice that they rescued for me. : )

So I keep learning lessons and having fun. Sure, I don’t sleep much, but I actually kind of enjoy being in the kitchen late at night immersed in my tasks. It’s peaceful.

And Saturday I get to sit and talk about food and people watch. It’s great! Sometimes I even people watch through my camera lens…




  1. hey niece !
    am digging your posts – literary-ily and culinary-ily! you just keep getting better, better, better, BETTER.. BETTER… BETTER!!!!! (can you hear Paul screaming a la Hey Jude???)


  2. oops! speaking of brain farts, there’s one more…



    now that will be in your head the rest of the day. (mine, too.)

    wish you could come this week.

  3. ok…one more. love the posed shot by the baklava (and Bass master). You look like the famous Inspector Jacques Cluso pondering whodunit in the ” Great Bakalava Triangle Heist”. I say the Bass Master is the clue – the thief left the magazine behind while “nicking” the baklava. And you know who that would be.

    (Fade to Pink Panther music)
    dead-ant dead-ant dead-ant…..

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