Posted by: Allyn | July 24, 2008

Eat the Rainbow

So you may be thinking that I eat once a week or so and that my single meal is usually dessert. My blogging pattern so far indicates as much.  Well, here’s the thing. My parents have been out of town for almost  3 weeks now and when I do cook, it’s nothing special (like I’ve made a lot of veggie melts with my homemade focaccia, sauteed spinach and melty cheese). Plus, I’m not so good at cleaning up after myself when home alone so the dishes kind of piled up and I had nothing to cook on without cleaning something… and, well… no thank you. Plus, with the triathlon now 9 days away I’ve put a little more effort into my training than into my meals. I’m still eating mostly from home, it’s just nothing worth posting about. Make sense?

So, now that we’ve cleared the air I did just cook a simple stir fry that might be worth sharing. Stir fries by definition are pretty simple. The worst part is the chopping, and I’m thinking culinary school would pay off just by the time you could save with chopping…. and maybe I could develop an immunity to onions in the process.

Whoa, where was I? Stir fry! Right! So I’ll be biking 23 miles and running 4 tonight as one of my last brick training days before the big day. That means when I get home I will be extremely tired and sweaty… probably not too interested in standing by the oven, either. So I cooked a quick stir fry this afternoon with a bunch of veggies from the fridge and some tofu I had pre-chopped in the freezer. (Keeping it in the freezer helps make it a little firmer when cooked.)

I made a sauce of: 4t cornstarch, 3/4 c broth, 2 1/2 T soy sauce, 1 T rice wine vinegar, 2 t sugar, 1 t ginger, 1 lemon juice, and a nice pinch of red pepper flakes.

I fried up the tofu by itself so that it could develop a little flavor on it’s own and not crowd the pan. I sprinkled it with salt while it cooked on med-hi. After about 4 minutes I removed the tofu and added onion, garlic, carrots, bell pepper, and squash. Cooked that for about 3 minutes and deglazed the pan with the aforementioned sauce, making sure to scrape up all the tasty brown bits. Then I wilted in some spinach and viola:

There. See? I do eat vegetables! Pretty, colorful ones… yum!

Oh, and I will eat this over barley and bulgar. No rice in the pantry, but I can improvise.


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