Posted by: Allyn | July 24, 2008

Get Well Cookies

A friend of mine had a run in with a dog on our group bike ride Tuesday night. He was riding with the hammerheads (an affectionate term for the group that tacks on extra miles and still passes the rest of us on the way back) and averaging about 24 mph when a flash of black came speeding toward the group. The little terrier was chasing the guy in front, paying no attention to the rest of the group, which is why he ran directly in front of my friend’s tire. So down they went.

I had no idea this happened until the end of the ride and there were only 2 guys waiting at the end. Where were the hammerheads?? Somebody told me what had happened and at the time we had no news other than “there was a wreck.”

So the diagnosis is a broken collarbone and a bad case of road rash. This could have been much, much worse and we’re all thankful it was not.

Some folks went down to the emergency room, which I thought about doing, but in the end decided it could get crowded and I didn’t want to hinder the good people from treating the actual sick and injured. So, I baked cookies instead. 🙂

I made Smitten Kitchen’s Oreos… which are so devilishly tempting… constantly beckoning from the  Tupperware that pathetically tries to hush the cookies’ enchanting aromatic birdsong.

Snuggled alongside the Oreos were frosted sugar cookies (with brandy, almond and lemon) that I shaped like dogs. Now my friend is a dog person and he has no ill-will towards the little pup who took him down, but I thought there may be some joy in nibbling off the ears of a tasty lookalike.

And here one is sniffing the butt of a neighbor… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

And since we’re in the doggy theme, I thought I’d share a couple pics of my talented dog, Sparky, doing yoga.

I like his downward dog. Nice form…

“My zen is so good right now I don’t feel the twig on my butt. Ohhmmmm….”




  1. If I go wreck my bike will you send me cookies???

    I can’t look at your blog for long or I get hungry!

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