Posted by: Allyn | July 30, 2008

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

This is my very first Daring Bakers Challenge and I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to it. When the challenge was posted I was even more excited to see it was a delicious filbert gateau and it was to be posted ON MY BIRTHDAY!!

Yes, today is my birthday.

So I waited and waited and waited. I ordered nuts and had to wait on those, and then I just had to wait to get closer to the actual due date to start working. I would have started this last weekend and made some things ahead, but I got a last minute request to index a book and that took up most of my time until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. 

So yesterday afternoon I began work, see? First step, whip the yolks. Here I go! (These eggs are kind of sad and yellow… not vibrant and orange. I’ve been spoiled with farm fresh eggs from a family friend… unfortunately they were on vacation.) 

And it was going great! I was worried about the buttercream as I’ve never made that before. Don’t get me wrong. I love to bake, but I usually make 7 minute frosting or a cream cheese. Plus, I make pie more than cake because cake is so special…. mmmmm *drool*

And here was my scariest part (or so I thought) cutting the layers. I would have baked it in 3 separate rounds, but I wanted to be a badass and learn the “right” way. Note the ruler for precision… yeah, it was not helpful.

My layers were uneven, but geez how can I slice a cake into 3 layers when the whole thing is barely reaching 2 inches!?!

So I soaked it and frosted the middles and headed for the ganache. Here’s where the trouble started. I should have put the cardboard round under the cake before I started assembling it, but I thought, “I’ll wait until after I pour the ganache so I won’t have to worry about getting it all over the cardboard.” Little did I know that this cake had gotten pretty heavy and moist after all that syrup and frosting. I managed to move it to the rack and poured the ganache pretty easily, but once I tried moving it onto the cardboard my plan came crashing into reality. I tried sliding a thin baking sheet under the cake while helping it slide onto the cardboard with my hand, but it took about 3 seconds before the cake fell into pieces…


All the work that went into this disaster flashed before my eyes. Literally. This happened in an instant. So I let out a few four letter words while I grabbed a spoon and threw everything into a pretty bowl. Now I have the best damn trifle in the world. 

So I apologize to all you sweet DBers who will come here and look at my results. I had such a cute design planned for my birthday cake… but, hey, this is not only a lesson in baking but also a lesson in life. Sometimes things fall apart so you gotta scrap together what you can and move on. Lemons to lemonade, people.

Bring it on, August!



  1. Happy birthday you accidental trifle maker, you!

    I say put the remains of the cake in the freezer and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It would still really be a great dessert!

  2. Aw, bummer! But you learned and will be successful next time. And hey, a birthday trifle is just as good as a cake.

    Welcome to the Daring Bakers!

    Christina ~ She Runs, She Eats

  3. Happy Birthday!! You come on over to my blog and you’ll see your not the only one who ended up with a trifle!! 🙂
    Don’t they just taste wonderful? Congratulations for sticking it out!

  4. OMG, this is TOO funny! hahahaha… I’m not laughing at you, I promise. I’m laughing with you! This is something I could see happening to me. I loved your comment about it becoming the best damn trifle. I’ll bet it was!

  5. Yeah …. I got mine in the freezer just about 3 seconds before that same disaster – then I squished it back into shape 🙂 I bet it was a nice trifle though – and seriously, who wouldn’t want a Birthday Trifle? It sounds so ….. English? Welcome to the group!

  6. Oh no… that story made me sad 😦 But I like your gung-ho, don’t give up attitude. Yeah… bring it on August 🙂 Oh well, eating cake from a bowl is always fun.

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