Posted by: Allyn | November 3, 2008

Soooooo late… Daring Bakers October

Daring Bakers challenge for October is pizza! Yum! I’ve been experimenting with whole wheat crusts lately and it was nice to start over with a white crust recipe. I only did savory pizza as I made cupcakes for dessert… which you’ll see were appropriate. The crust was excellently bubbly and chewy, slightly crisp and carried the flavor of the toppings perfectly.

To help me eat the pizzas, I invited over some friends after the Race for the Cure 5k here in town. They were hungry, thank goodness. Not much pizza remained.

Without further ado…

dscf0710First up is pineapple, bacon, country ham, jalapeno. The grill was a little too hot so it’s a little well done, but still very yummy.

dscf0711Traditional sausage, peppers and onions. So very tasty.


dscf0714Veggie pesto.

I basted the crust in roasted garlic flavored grapeseed oil. I also baked these on the grill since I knew it could get much hotter than my oven, and I’ve had more success with grilled pizza than any pizza in my oven.

I doubled the recipe, which worked out fine. Wonderful challenge!

Oh, and remember the cupcakes? It was in honor of Susan G. Komen.

dscf0718Cherry cupcakes with amoretto frosting. Sorry for the blur… I’m not sure what went wrong with my camera.



  1. They all look textbook gorgeous and delicious, as do the cupcakes. Magnificent!

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