Posted by: Allyn | April 6, 2009

Purple sweet potato gnocchi, or edible playdough

So I was in Whole Foods in Nashville, TN last week and saw some “local” purple sweet potatoes. They use “local” a little loosely I think, but I agree that getting these awesome vegetables from North Carolina was much better than shipping something from California.

I didn’t know what I was going to do with them when I bought the little guys. I just like trying new things, and I already love sweet potatoes. So after a little research I found a site that gave a recipe for purple sweet potato gnocchi. Eureka! I remember somewhere hearing that gnocchi is like angel farts in your mouth. And now you have to know that. Your welcome.

Ok, potato item, check. Bright purple, definitely check. So what to put with it? I went with yellow since it’s a complement of purple, so corn came to mine. Ah, a deconstructed corn chowder! Yeah, it just came to my mind after thinking, purple… yellow… corn…. deconstructed corn chowder!

I fried up a couple slices of bacon, cooked the corn and a few scallions in the grease (yes, I am from Mississippi) and then pulvarized the hell out of it with some cream until it got mostly smooth. I love my stick blender, by the way. I seasoned around til my palette was interested… added a little Old Bay and sage and plated up. It looked like Spring in a bowl!




  1. my bowls live in internet immortality! and it looks so good with the soup. that soup sounds fantastic!!!! and looks like a work of art.

    i should not read this at 5:30 when supper is nigh. it just makes me hungrier.

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