Posted by: Allyn | June 30, 2009

An American in Paris: Day 2

Ok, everyone. I’m going to have to let down some expectations I think. I am posting this at 8:15 Yssingeaux time after finishing up just before 7 and going to the grocery store to buy some food for dinner/weekends. I’m dog tired and this long posting isn’t going to happen every time. I’ll catch up on the weekends, though.

So, onward we go. Day 2 in Paris was another day of walking. I wanted to check out a place called “Willi’s Wine Bar” which was started in 1980 by a Brit (named William) and is said to have not only great food and wine, but also an interesting cultural mix of folks speaking “Frenglish.” Sounded fun to me. I googled the directions and thought I was set. I even took the metro since it was a good 5 km away and it was already 11:00. Even though I knew what street to take and where the restaurant was in relation to the metro, I didn’t know where I was in relation to anything when I ascended the stairs onto the bustling street of hungry Parisians. So, of course, I got lost. I walked a ways and figured out it was wrong, so I kept walking to find a major street or another metro/map. Around 1:30 I realized I wasn’t making it to Willi’s for the lunch formula so I started looking for a patisserie. Sure enough, I found one and got a beautiful quiche with jambon (ham) and another eclair. Again, I walked and walked and walked finally running into the huge Lafayette’s store with a metro. I decided to take that to the Jardin de Tuilleries to eat my treats. I followed the mass of people to the Louvre and admired the scenery before finding a nice spot in the shade to enjoy these:



My belly was full, my sugar was up and my feet felt rested so I packed up my things and headed toward the Champs de Lysee. Before leaving the Jardin, I captured this site:


Somewhere down the path is the Louvre. Mom, I promise I’ll go inside next time. 🙂 Nothing special about the Champs, really. Expensive stores that I didn’t go inside, overpriced food, people begging for money… The Arc du Triomph was pretty cool. I looked for the telephone booth where Kate may have stood in “French Kiss” but came up empty. I think most interesting was the traffic around the Arc. It was absolutely fantastic to watch all the cars with no lanes barging into one another’s space trying to navigate this crazy traffic circle. I was so happy to be a pedestrian.

That night I went to dinner with the coordinator of the summer pastry program. He works in Paris and was trying to set me up with a class at the Alain Ducasse school in Paris while I was there, but I was having such horrible technical difficulties that we never worked it out. We agreed to meet at a cool spot (that I actually read about before coming) and had some great food. The place seats about 16 people, tops. You are supposed to have a reservation. We didn’t, but we got a table that was between seatings, which meant it was ours for about 45 minutes… definitely not typical French dining. Anyway, the food was great.

I made it back to the hostel and hung out with some girls from my room that night. The next day I checked out at 10:00 and I had a train to catch at 12.

I’ll give you a sneak peak of Lyon by showing you Theirry’s apartment where I stayed. His name is Theirry Brisson, and, who knows, we may be 24th cousins.


From the entryway. I was immediately amazed with how big the place was. Of course, it holds four boys on a normal basis.

The kitchen. Charming, isn’t it? Though, ill fit for making crepes very quickly as we found out later.

Examine the young French male refrigerator. I think that’s a whole drawer dedicated to cheese.


Living room. One of the guys did his internship in England, hence the flag.


And “my room.” I’m not sure what they use it for normally. Theirry had put in the mattress and put paper over the doors for privacy. See? French people are great!

Tomorrow I’ll write about Lyon and after that it will be all about making pastry, breathing pastry, being the pastry. 🙂

A tout a l’heure.



  1. talk about clean… i would be intimidated! loved your walkin’ eatin’ tour of paris. rick steeves would be jealous!

    view is better from sacre cour than the eiffel. glad you got to see it twinkle.

    keep posting so you’re not festering! 🙂


  2. (sigh) Yes, there is a specially designed and fortified underground gallery at l’Orangerie somewhere near that quiche that houses the 2 magnificent lily pond paintings (5’x60′) that Monet donated to France. And…..could it be….yes, I can see beyond the eclair the Mona Lisa beckoning from one of the distant buildings.

    It’s clearly your trip Lady A.

    This is an apartment where boys live? Spotless! No piles of dirty underwear; no mold in the fridge. Are those timers on the stove exhaust ledge? Most impressive!!!

    Thanks for the posts. Keep in touch.

  3. More great pictures!

    I understand about not being up to long posts, but your write-ups so far have been enjoyable.

    I do wish you’d written a little more about your meal with the coordinator that you described as “great.”

    That quiche looks awesome, it’s hard to judge the size, is that like a personal pan pizza?

    too bad you have to buy your food when you’re wicked hungry, then walk a lot more before you can eat it. at least all the pastries should be guilt free that way.

    have you gotten to ride your bike yet?

    cool table signs!

    i’m guessing there’s a separate fridge for the beer, right?

  4. So who is Theirry?

    I’ll throw in a recommendation for visiting the Louvre. The French Kiss phone booth was a prop. The art is the real deal. Don’t let time constraints push the Louvre off your itinerary.

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