Posted by: Allyn | July 5, 2009

Lyon (with a dash of the South)


After Paris came Lyon. I was delighted to get to a place where I could speak to someone I know, but who could also help me understand everything foreign around me. Thierry and his friend Christopher picked me up from the train station and I had my first encounter with French drivers from the backseat of a car. Wow! If I do move here, I will never drive. Those people are crazy.

That night Theirry had cooked beuf borginogne and we enjoyed a meal with the roommates and a couple other friends. I felt the Southern hospitality in Lyon.

DSCF0812These are two of the roommates, Bat and Bart. They were teaching me about appero which is when you enjoy a drink and a little food before eating dinner. French people don’t eat dinner until 9:00 so this can be a light nibble or two to tide you over.

Mostly in my stay in Lyon I walked around and slept. On the weekend when the guys were off of school we went to a park that had a zoo in it. Cool, huh? And after watching all the animals we found a patch of grass to play some cards and pass the rest of the afternoon in the shade. And then, much to my surprise, Theirry pulls out an American football out of his bag and began throwing it with one of the other guys.

DSCF0851And yes, that is a Magnolia tree. I know, right!? We were sitting next to the exotic greenhouses and other foreign flora.

Some other pictures from the park:

DSCF0850Thierry, Christopher, and Christopher’s sister. We were playing UNO.

DSCF0845Christo and his lollipop.

DSCF0817Playing poker Friday night.



The last night we ate at a bouchon which is a very traditional and popular eatery in Lyon. They came about when the silk workers in Lyon ate big, filling “momma” meals. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. I had a salad, canelle in red sauce, and creme brulee. I have not had a bad meal yet. I don’t think it’s possible, either.

** Theirry is a friend of Liz’s, my friend from New Orleans. Liz works in a concrete manufacturing plant as an engineer and Theirry did his internship there. I stayed with Liz and Ryan one weekend for work and got to meet Thierry. I told him I wanted to come to France soon and he said let him know whenever I decided to visit. I don’t think he was expecting me so soon. Neither were his roommates, Bart, Bat and JB, but they were so nice and I am forever thankful for their hospitality.



  1. wasabi,

    so how are your language skills working? did you bring any study aids with you?

  2. hope you didn’t lose too much at poker! or did you win???? 🙂
    how was your week at the school?
    inquiring minds want to know!

    glad you got to see a magnolia and get a whiff of home.

  3. Have you thought about going to see the tour de france? It could be a good chance to sample some suburban pastries.

  4. yummy!

    more, please…

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