Posted by: Allyn | July 28, 2009

Pastry school: Week trois


One of our translators, Michel-Ange, lightening the mood around the chateau.


Here I’m spraying my red fruit tart with cocoa butter to add shine and protect the fruit.


Strawberry tart… Dad, you would really like this one. šŸ™‚


An incredibly good lemon meringue pie. French people really like almond cream, so there’s a layer of that at the bottom topped off with a buttery lemon cream and Italian meringue.


Someone’s red berry tart at the showcase. I liked the pistachios on the border… beautiful colors

DSCF0920.Fruit paste and raspberry marshmallows… YUM


Macarons filled with sorbet and presented on sugar pieces. We had to eat them right after they were presented at the showcase… what a shame.


No evidence.


The advanced group made a centerpiece. Pretty impressive for 5 hours of work.



  1. Yeah! another post!

    I didn’t know Twisted Sister had a black member.

    the strawberry tart looks amazing! it all looks amazing!

    so did you make the raspberry marshmallows? sounds yummy AND fun.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  2. happy birthday, allyn.
    hope it’s a good one.

    any thoughts on what fabulous pastry you will want to make for christmas? i could bring some apples, asian pears, or maybe persimmons (hachiya or fuyu) to tupelo.

  3. howdy.
    I saw this article while in Colorado. This might be the simplest culinary business model ever.

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