Posted by: Allyn | August 6, 2009

Pastry school, week quatre et cinq


Bonjour a tout! So I’m slacking off as usual, but it is because I’m having so much fun here in France. Sorry you have to suffer such delays. The picture above is of our work group in the laboratoire with our chef Herve, i.e. my favorite chef so far. So it’s me, Herve, Brennan, Danielle, Becky and her daughter Sage.

Thursday nights are typical for cooking regional food. Last Thursday I made enough gumbo to serve 30 people and I’m pretty sure they all loved it. There were a few changes… like okra. Yeah, no okra here. Also no andouille so I mixed chorizo with a regular sausage. Great flavor, actually. Also, no crab as it was WAY expensive. I managed to get everything else right, though. Here’s to Mom for teaching me these last few years. Apparently I was paying attention. Here are some pics:








  1. Must. Stop. Drooling.

    seriously, that chocolaty, caramely, graham cracker looking thing is just calling my name. It looks so much like a s’more and then some. (I mean that as the highest praise). I’m having to restrain myself from licking my monitor.

  2. did you use butter for the gumbo roux (or were there no other options)? I used Italian sausage for the gumbo I made in Colorado… not bad but not the real deal.

    This set of photos is the most tempting yet. I am intrigued by the meringue igloo. The fruit tart type things look awesome, as do the chocolates. I must say that I don’t quite understand the tendency to combine separate items, as in the 3rd photo with the macrons, custard, and sweet bread (or so it seems). I’d still eat it though.

  3. Hey, Heard you are back in the States. Let me know what your new email address is.

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