I once considered myself to be an avid equestrian. I still have my wonderful Quarter Horse I call Flash, but he tore a muscle at a horse show in 2003, and I had to hang up my fancy show clothes. I went through a lot of soul searching after that summer. It took me a long time to figure out I had to find a new hobby, and suddenly I found myself in the kitchen.

Admittedly, Mississippi is best known for fried foods and collard greens that get the tar boiled out of them. Fortunately I grew up in a household that only stocked wheat bread and plenty of fruits and veggies (I went through quite a long phase of eating primarily spaghettios, but the good stuff was there when I wanted it and Mom and Dad were good examples). Now that I’m older and have battled with a little body image and self-esteem issues I’m trying to focus on being healthy. No judgment, just balance.

This site is intended to share recipes and adventures in my kitchen (rather my parents kitchen until I move out). I began selling a few items at our local farmers market this summer to get more practice and hopefully educate people about healthy baking, so I hope to chronicle that as well.

Here’s a few quick facts about me:

Favorite foods: Pizza and Ice Cream

Favorite music: The Beatles!!

Favorite books: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver; The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Favorite movie: Dead Poets Society

College: Graduated Mississippi State University in 2007, double major in English and Communication

Employer: Fountainhead Press

Interesting fact: I won the 2003 Novice Showmanship at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress.



  1. love the photo of you and flasher dasher. love the blogsite too! you are awesome!!!!

    posted by a proud aunt.

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